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”For anyone that has questions on how to accelerate the sales of their company – FPG’s Sales Warrior program is the best at delivering results by far. Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked for a billion-dollar company with 4,000 sales employees in North America. FPG gets at the core of what hold sales reps from becoming what they can be. Then gives them to tools to maximize the talents they have.”

—Peter Zehr, FGL Group

“It’s process-driven. It’s results-oriented. It’s genuine. It resonates and it’s real. Everyone…was a believer.”

—Mike McGaugh, COO, BMC

”Can you imagine a scenario in which you engage a recruit- ing agency to fill a sales position and 22 days later you have an employee – not a candidate, an employee who has gone through screening, multiple rounds of interviews and two personality-profile assessments and, most importantly, has received the sales warrior “seal of approval” from FPG? I can, because it happened to my company. Throughout the process I received multiple vetted candidates, was provided a conduit by which to schedule inter- views and received regular, ongoing communication from Miriam. I have no reservations about recommending FPG’s recruiting program.”

—Brock Frankhauser, NewStyle

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